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The New York Times Sanitizes Palestinian Provocateur Ahed Tamimi

“We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skull. Come on, we are waiting for you.” These are…

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“We will slaughter you and you will say that what Hitler did to you was a joke. We will drink your blood and eat your skull. Come on, we are waiting for you.”

These are the words of Palestinian provocateur and convicted criminal Ahed Tamimi.

But apparently threatening to cannibalize Israelis isn’t so much of a problem over at The New York Times, which instead ludicrously described Tamimi as a “Palestinian author,” presumably on account of her 2022 memoir that Tamimi needed the help of Al Jazeera journalist Dena Takruri to write.

While the NYT swiftly updated its headline to instead call Tamimi an “activist,” problems with the NYT’s reportage on the 22-year-old remain.

First, it would seem that the article’s author Anushka Patil was reluctant to actually reveal why Tamimi had been arrested recently — despite this being the very basis of the piece.

Instead, Patil paints a vivid image in her opening paragraphs of the arrest raid at Tamimi’s family home, including how Tamimi’s mother Nariman felt “terror” as Israeli soldiers “hauled Ahed away in handcuffs.”

By paragraph five, Patil is already hand-wringing about the possibility of Tamimi being locked up indefinitely and how human rights groups have criticized Israel over its administrative detention policy.

And yet, readers still haven’t been told why Tamimi was arrested in the first place.

It is only in the tenth paragraph and after a hundred words devoted to Tamimi’s mother’s anguish that she can’t celebrate the release of Palestinian terrorists from jail as part of the recent hostage release deal that we get close to learning the truth of Tamimi’s arrest:

The Israeli military has said Ms. Tamimi was arrested on suspicion of inciting violence and calling for terrorist activity, but has declined to provide further information. Her mother said the arrest was based on a post to an Instagram account in her name that referenced Hitler and vowed to “slaughter” settlers in the West Bank.”

Because it’s The New York Times where sanitizing terror supporters is de rigeur, Patil cannot even bring herself to print exactly what Tamimi posted.

Instead, readers are offered vagueness about a Hitler reference and a threat against “settlers” even while Patil found the space to print in full Tamimi’s mother’s claim that her daughter is as innocent as a lamb and that her social media account was “hacked months ago.”

In a follow-up article, “The activist Ahed Tamimi is among the Palestinians freed in the latest exchange,” which was also written by Anushka Patil, the NYT actually adopts the language of the likes of Hamas and refers to the IDF as the “Israeli occupation forces.”

As with Patil’s previous report, the piece fails to note why Tamimi was detained but includes the baseless allegations from her lawyer that she was “beaten during her arrest and after she was transferred, in violation of international law, to the prison in Israel from the occupied West Bank.”

This piece also mentions Tamimi’s father Bassem, whom Patil calls a “longtime protest leader” who is currently being held without charge.

Of course, anyone who knows anything about the Tamimi family patriarch will know he’s a bit more than a professional protester having been detained no fewer than nine times and vocalizing his wish that his family sparks a “third intifada.” 

Indeed, Ahed Tamimi’s entire childhood was spent in an environment permeated with Palestinian terrorism: terrorism her family has long played a prominent role in creating. For example, her aunt helped plan the horrific Sbarro restaurant bombing, and her mother has previously posted online anatomically precise tutorials on how to most effectively stab Israelis.

Her latest incitement that prompted Israel to rearrest her is more than enough evidence to show that her views were not tempered by a previous eight month stretch in prison for attacking an IDF soldier.

Ahed Tamimi has never even sought to hide her hatred of Jews and Israelis.

Why, then, does The New York Times feel it has to hide it for her?


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Photo credit: Guy Smallman via Getty Images

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